Tuesday, September 16, 2008

The worst blogger ever!!

So, I thought I would be able to keep up with this darn thing but I am such a slacker. The real story is that a tree from our neighbors yard feel into ours crushing the powerlines and causing our circuits to blow everywhere in the house. There were lots of cracked blubs and of course now half of our outlets won't work!! However, Zach's precious TV was spared because of a surge protector but our computer suffered some casualties .... thus I have not been on the computer much lately unless I am at the office for real estate stuff.
So here is the Greene family update without pictures ... AGAIN
We are expecting a new addition somewhere around March 15th. I will be so happy for Mac to have a sibling to bother instead of mom all the time. He is growing an exploring so much and is just on the verge of walking(secretly I am hoping he is walking by Halloween so that when we go trick or treating he can actually walk to the door and I don't have to put him in a stroller and be one of those parents that are obviously just bringing their baby around for the candy!ha!) By the way Mac will be a fireman for Halloween ... the perfect little outfit was at a consignment sale I went to where I bought all of his fall/winter clothes for under $50 .. amazing! I am ready for the weather to cool down so he can wear them and I can stop sweating like a pig whenever we are playing at the park or going for a walk ... and of course I am ready for all the fall festivities!
Hello to all Mac's little cousins and all the out of town friends. WMac sends a belated happy birthday to Ellie Stewart!!:)

Please overlook all the errors I just made typing that ....


The Stewart Family said...

yay!! we can't wait to meet the soon-to-be newest member of the greene clan!! i think that we are producing our own ski school class!!! :-)

cejer said...

Yes our own little ski school class that I will have to attend with our children while you die hard people go do some real skiing .. ha!