Wednesday, April 29, 2009

My Two Babies ..

These days things are a little more hectic and trying to get to the park, grocery store or even just walk around the block wih two seems like more of a task but we are adjusting. Annie is growing like crazy and already 10.5 pounds. Mac is still my little baby too though. He is now 18 months and attempting to talk to me(he has long conversations of which I really have no clue what he said to me). The weather has been beautiful an we play with friends at the park almost everyday and can't wait to take our playdates to the pool when it gets really hot....

Monday, April 20, 2009

Boiling Bottles

Accidents happen. That's what I keep telling Zach. Last Wednesday was a busy day; I had a closing to be at, we were meeting friends at the park, running errands .. ya know busy. Multi-tasking is like second nature to moms so as I was getting myself dressed, as well as Annie and Mac, I was gathering things and also boiling some bottles on the stove. I left the house at 10 and did not return until 1:30 ... I returned to toxic plastic smoke pouring out of my front door -- I had boiled the bottles into oblivion!! I ran inside and flipped off the burner, thankful at least my whole house wasn't up in flames. That was last Wednesday. It is Monday a week later and our house is still being treated for smoke damage... we are hoping to move back in soon ... this would only happen to me .... ugh

Saturday, April 11, 2009


Mac's obsession with tractors is beginning to be a little ridiculous. Just to clarify all things from riding lawn mowers to diggers are classified as Tac-tors. Each morning when he wakes up I am greeted with Tac-tor(also his first real word) and we proceed to play with his toy tractor. The highlight of Mac's little day is riding his Tac-tor with his dad. We have a riding lawn mower and Zach is forced to ride Mac around the yard and down the street and I mean EVERYDAY! This weekend a friend gave us a used powerwheel and lo and behold it is a John Deer tractor, so finally Mac has a Tac-tor of his very own .. pictures to come:)

Friday, April 10, 2009

Always a mess!

So it's pretty hard to keep Mac clean these days! It seems everytime I turn around he is a mess ... note the pictures above. Annie is doing great just sleeping and eating at this point:) Mac is trying to get adjusted to life sharing the spotlight and it's been difficult. There have been lots of tantrums, fits and tons of whining. Pray for us!