Monday, April 20, 2009

Boiling Bottles

Accidents happen. That's what I keep telling Zach. Last Wednesday was a busy day; I had a closing to be at, we were meeting friends at the park, running errands .. ya know busy. Multi-tasking is like second nature to moms so as I was getting myself dressed, as well as Annie and Mac, I was gathering things and also boiling some bottles on the stove. I left the house at 10 and did not return until 1:30 ... I returned to toxic plastic smoke pouring out of my front door -- I had boiled the bottles into oblivion!! I ran inside and flipped off the burner, thankful at least my whole house wasn't up in flames. That was last Wednesday. It is Monday a week later and our house is still being treated for smoke damage... we are hoping to move back in soon ... this would only happen to me .... ugh


Lindsey said...

that's sucks! AND you had to move out for a few days!? whew. at least it's a funny story you'll be able to share with the kids one day. "mommy was so concerned about you having sterilized bottles to drink out of, that i almost burnt the house down." it's not funny but it's so cute!!!

The Stewart Family said...

hahahahahahaha!!! hope that you make it back in soon!