Thursday, May 20, 2010

Ramblings #2 ....

"How many are your works, O Lord!
In wisdom you made them all;
the earth is full of your creations." Psalm 102:24

As evidenced by my backyard around 3 each day, I like to be around people. The is hardly an afternoon when it is only me and my kids because as much as they love lil friends to play with their mommy loves an adult to talk with. My friends breathe fun into my life but it's more than that. God made them all so very unique and I am a lucky girl because each one brings out a different side in me and in the mudane of mommyhood I couldn't appreciate it more ... I have friends that challenge my creative side, that inspire my fashionable(or not so fashionable) side, encourage my domestic side(or put it to shame), educate my mommy side, share my love for real estate side, let my spontaneous side out for brief spans of time, reminsce on the past for my nostalgic side, accompany me to the gym for my physical fitness side and I even have ones that indulge my trash tv side! They are all so unique and it's because God made them that way and I see the creativness of Him in them each day. I cannot imagine living life not surrounded by people to share with, push kids in strollers with, eat with, run with, worship with, pray with, travel with, do ministry with and cry I'm laughing so hard with. I am a blessed blessed girl.

And give it up for me for the 3 days in a row string of posts!!!!

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Update ...

Time has flown since I had Rex. I really can't believe he is already 2.5 months old, I really feel like I had him yesterday. He is such a great lil guy and loves his sleep! He naps without a fuss and sleeps pretty long stretches at night(watch just because I posted this tonight will be terrible). Annie and Mac are always trying to "play" with their lil bro .. this includes piling toys on top of him, hugging/strangling him, and giving him lots of kisses. Rex is a great addition to the madness around here:)

Monday, May 17, 2010

I am getting better at this ...

A token picture of Rex during a visit from our friends new pup ... and onto the couponing .... these were the products I forgot in the original picture ..
All the goods ...

So couponing attempt #2 ... I promise I will quit posting all pics and a list of goods after this week ... maybe just total versus what I saved:)

I bought:
-2 bags Rold Gold pretzels
-1 Sister Shubert rolls
-1 big All Oxi active laundry detergent
-2.25lbs grapes
-4 apples
-2lbs sweet potatoes
-2 Stouffers skillet dinners
-1 64oz Welches grape juice
-2 Ken's salad dressings
-2 Zone Perfect bars
-8 Yoplait fiber one yogurts
-3 large bags M&M's (don't usually buy this type of thing but with all the coupons/deal each bag was like .30 so I couldn't pass it up!)
-1 Off Smoothe and Dry Mosquito repellent
-2 boxes Ritz crackers
-2 Airwick Aqua mist sprays
-2 Keebler cookie
-2 Hunts ketchup(corn syrup free! ... not that none of my other purchases don't contain it:))
-1 can black beans
-2 cans diced tomatoes
-1 can niblet corn
-1 box Suddenly Salad mix
-1 box Quaker breakfast cookie
-1 package blueberry bagels
-1 Glass plus spray
-1 Motts Applesauce
-1 Sauve shampoo
-1 Ghiradeli brownie mix
-1 gallon sweet tea
-4 chicken breasts
-2 dozen eggs
-8 pack sparkle paper towels
-2 gallons of milk
Total: $102.73
SAVED: $65.21
Ok ... I am getting better at this ... and you may think wow she didn't buy much meat but I have some in the freezer and bread frozen from last weeks shopping ... and about a bzillion strawberries my sister picked .... anyway I think I did pretty good:)

Monday, May 10, 2010

This couponing thing is FOR REAL!!!

Ok this was my first attempt at this coupon thing and here's how it went ... I got ...

-$50 BP gas card
-1 box fruit snacks
-1 box english muffins
-1.62 lbs sweet potatoes
-2.2 lbs broccoli
-2.69 lbs bananas
-2 boxes strawberries
-2 Birdseye Voila frozen meals
-1 box ice cream sandwiches
-whipping cream
-1 bag frozen biscuits
-4 apples
-2 gallons milk
-Keebler Rainbow cookies
-Soy Baby Formula
-Resolve Spray 'n Wash
-5lb sugar
-1 Hellmans Mayo
-4 loaves wheat bread
-dark chocolate chips
-Shick hydro razor
-2 boxes thin spaghetti
-activia yogurt
-2 Ken's marinades
-4 Peter Pan Peanut butter
-2 pouches tuna
-1 gallon apple juice
-2 Ragu spaghetti sauces
-baking soda
-olive oil
-cubed steak
-4 pork chops
-V8 splash juice
-1 box Capri sun
-1 bag shredded cheese
Total -- $140.72 (keep in mind it included a $50 gas card so all the groceries for $90)
SAVED -- $60.74

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Crafty Crafty ...

So I have made these earring holders for years. Many I have given as gifts and I finally made one for myself. They are super easy to make ..
Step 1 - Find an old frame at an antique store or goodwill
Step 2 - Buy screen material at a home improvement store
Step 3 - Staple gun the screen in place and voila!!

Give it a try .. makes great wall art and keeps the earrings nice and tidy ...

And just because she is so cute ...