Monday, May 10, 2010

This couponing thing is FOR REAL!!!

Ok this was my first attempt at this coupon thing and here's how it went ... I got ...

-$50 BP gas card
-1 box fruit snacks
-1 box english muffins
-1.62 lbs sweet potatoes
-2.2 lbs broccoli
-2.69 lbs bananas
-2 boxes strawberries
-2 Birdseye Voila frozen meals
-1 box ice cream sandwiches
-whipping cream
-1 bag frozen biscuits
-4 apples
-2 gallons milk
-Keebler Rainbow cookies
-Soy Baby Formula
-Resolve Spray 'n Wash
-5lb sugar
-1 Hellmans Mayo
-4 loaves wheat bread
-dark chocolate chips
-Shick hydro razor
-2 boxes thin spaghetti
-activia yogurt
-2 Ken's marinades
-4 Peter Pan Peanut butter
-2 pouches tuna
-1 gallon apple juice
-2 Ragu spaghetti sauces
-baking soda
-olive oil
-cubed steak
-4 pork chops
-V8 splash juice
-1 box Capri sun
-1 bag shredded cheese
Total -- $140.72 (keep in mind it included a $50 gas card so all the groceries for $90)
SAVED -- $60.74


Momma Mig said...

yeah girl! that's what i'm talking about!!!! look how excited you are! yayyyy for a happy mommy... for saving money... for doing dances in the grocery line... all around yays!! :)

cejer said...

Linds I looked like an idiot last night for sure .. I mean it took Leigh and I two hours to shop .. I called Emily Nelson to tell her how I did and was laughing so hard from my shopping high I could not even speak ... so much fun!

Emily Nelson said...

Love it! I'm so glad you posted your purchases and took pictures...this is a moment to remember. I am addicted too now. It's like a game and we gotta see how good we can do next week. Also love that I got the histarically laughing phone call.

Rebekah said...

Awesome job! I've become a coupon clipper myself! It's so awesome to see the amount saved at the bottom of the receipt, right?

Where are you getting coupons from? Any websites?

cejer said...

Rebekah I use ... I get two copies of the AJC paper each week and save the coupon inserts will help you line up coupons with when the items are on sale by grocery store .. it's amazing! Check it out for sure ... and publix always doubles coupons .50 and under and their BOGO offers are great especially when you top the BOGO wih an additional coupon ... there is a serious science to this .. a lady taught a couponing class at our church the other day and I learned so much ... And by the way Hampton is getting so big and is precious .. I love checking your blog for pics:)