Friday, October 10, 2008

Making some progress ..

Well, it looks as if the Greene family is making some progress in many ways...
Mac is now standing on his own - yet to take a step put loves to pick things up, stand, scream and then plop back down on his booty. Never the less that's progress.
Zach has made a smooth job transition and is now working with his dad and another guy doing commercial and residential appraisal. It is fabulous because every morning when Mac and I go to walk we can stop by daddy's office and pop in(not sure if Zach appreciates all our little drop bys but ...)
Though the market has slowed, I have had a few closings this month, which with the new house and all the projects we are facing were very welcomed. As far as packing up our little home I am definitely making progress! Most everything is boxed up and ready for the big move next weekend. Mac is going to love living at Dot-Dot's(my mom) for a few weeks ....

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