Friday, November 7, 2008

It's official!

Today I am 21 weeks and some change. We found out the gender of the next "Greene to be". Now don't get me wrong, I am excited about what I am having, but I hoped for weeks this next babe would be a little brother for Mac to wrestle with, play army with and just entertain each other in general, however, God has different plans .... Sometime the month of March we will be adding a little Greene gal for Mac to wrestle with, play army with and entertain each other in general:) Out with the blue boy stuff and in with the pink ... or maybe salmon orange colors(pink in great mass I am not a fan of)! However, this little girl will have many nice young fellows around. There has been a boom of babies at our church and I have seen some handsome ones ... :)


Lindsey said...

aaaaaaahhhhhhhh! yay yay yay for a little lovely greene girl!!! sooo excited for you! you're already over half way! congratulations! i am jealous (the first half is NOT my favorite half). okay. time to start making some babies. ;) yay for pink and salmon! and purple and green! and yellow! yay!

cejer said...

I appreciate the excitement! I am trying to wrap my head around the girl thing. I hate the first part of preg as well... actually I hate the whole preg thing!! I can't wait for ya'll next one so to Tyler to hurry it up.