Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Moved in and LOVING it!!

Mac watches his dad "fix" things all the time and he has little tools of his own. I asked him to go fix the toilet and he stayed in the bathroom busy fixing for probably 10 minutes then came and got me and this is what I walked in to find ... Ha!!!

Well, we are officially in the new house and I LOVE it!! I am within walking distance of Zach's office, the park, my moms, my in-laws, my sisters, my cousin and believe it or not several aunts and uncles(and I am talking like not a long walk ... less than a mile to all of the places .. ha). So Mac and I are strolling everywhere and loving the mild weather. Baby girl Greene is due in about four weeks and we are trying to get the nursery together, but I am so exhausted from redoing an entire house I am having trouble getting motivated. Mac is getting to be such a big boy and I am hoping he will take the transition to big brother well, but I am sure he won't ... he has been so spoiled...

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The Stewart Family said...

mac fixes things?!?!? absolutely precious!!