Sunday, December 26, 2010

White Christmas

So this picture was actually taken a few months ago but I forgot to post it .. It's funny because his poppy sits EXACTLY like this when he is watching tv .. haha .. now onto Christmas ... It was such a busy morning besides video this was the only picture I got ... Mac got a new red and blue spiderman outfit(he had been rockin the black venom outfit since september .. and when I saw rockin I mean he was wearing it as his regular clothing in public at least 4 days a week .. the people at mellow mushroom asked me last time we went to lunch there if he wears it everyday because that was the only outfit they have ever seen him in .. ), a buss lightyear tent, football, spiderman blanket and a few other odds and ends ... Annie(though she too really wanted everything Buss Lightyear I opted to steer her more in the girly direction) got a princess costume, tree tent, elmo slippers and a purse ... They were thrilled .... Thankfully nothing had batteries except for Rexy's toy .. his one and only toy that I dont even have a pic of him with .. :(

Snow fell on Christmas day for the first time since 1947 in Gainesville ... nifty .. and the kids enjoyed it too :)

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